Published by Bryant R. on April 26, 2015

Welcome to our blog

Here you will find information about our new direction and the reasons behind that direction. You will find information about our business and industry, articles on people and performance management, information about the importance of competency-based education, and much more. So, read on!

We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we do know that working with people like you we can develop better insights into human capital management. The expertise of the contributors from our team to this blog is not broad-based across all sectors, and we are certainly not everything to everyone. Rather, we have a specific professional expertise in the financial services, banking, insurance and real estate businesses. These businesses comprise a large portion of the global economy. We also want to thank our partner buy instagram followers for helping us setting up our social media campaigns.

We hope you contribute to the dialogue!

Published by Bryant R. on April 26, 2015

Videos/Webinars Online Financial Training

The Globecon Institute is proud to announce that we are offering our online programs with a blended approach of Videos/Webinars/Self-Study Programs with live forums.
All of our Financial and Exam Test Prep based Programs are designed to provide professionals with a solid understanding of the functions and roles played by modern financial institutions and their key lines of business, as well as foundational knowledge of the industry’s basic products and service functions. Although the main focus is on the business units and related support areas that drive financial institution revenues and profits, the program also provides an overview of the impact that regional, national, and global macroeconomic conditions and industry trends has on the strategic and operational behavior of the institution. In addition, the Certification covers the impact of the current regulatory environment on financial institutions.